David Spicer’s new comedy, Raising Martha, encompasses animal welfare, human remains, familial squabbles, a corrupt copper and six-foot frogs, but favours quick laughs over a meaningful plot.
Gwyneth Keyworth in Raising Martha. PHOTO: DARREN BELL
George Bernard Shaw
Founded in 1941 after the Irish wit and fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw, the Shaw Society recently moved from Conway Hall to the Actors Centre in Tower Street.
Photo: Murdo Macleod
It's hard to imagine how anyone could possibly conceive of, let alone create, a family show from a real-life tragedy that left over 330 dead, including 186 children. And yet that is exactly what writer-director Carly Wijs has done and the resulting piece of theatre, Us/Them, succeeds on numerous levels.
Paul Ritter and Rufus Sewell in Art. PHOTO: MANUEL HARLAN
Twenty years after directing its West End debut, Matthew Warchus revives Art at The Old Vic. Sipora Levy reviews the play.
Michelle Collins
Former soap actress decided against waiting for the right role to come along
Corey Culverwell in The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Photo: Alice Pennefather
A wry look at the nature of madness itself - via electrifying dance moves
Mars Actually
The Camden Fringe is gearing up for its 12th year, with potential participants invited to apply.
Ibinabo Jack, Amber Riley and Liisi LaFontaine in Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatr
This 1981 Tony-winning Broadway musical was made into a movie but has waited 35 years for a British...
Juliet Stevenson as Mary Stuart. PHOTO: MANUEL HARLAN
In Robert Icke’s modern dress adaptation of Friedrich Schiller’s classic drama, the actors assemble...
Harrie Hayes  in Benighted  photo: chris gardner
Adapted by Duncan Gates from JB Priestley’s book and James Whale’s film version, The Old Dark House...
Ed Harris in Buried Child. PHOTO: JOHAN PERSSON
Here, on the London stage with all eyes on Ed Harris’s portrayal of the world-weary Dodge, the...
Growing pains: Strangers In Between is at the King’s Head. Photo: Andreas Griege
A mad tangle of desire and intolerance in Sydney
Nathaniel Parker in This House. PHOTO: JOHAN PERSSON
It is 1974 and the Tories are moving out the government Whips’ Office to make way for Labour, which...
Sophia Anne Caruso as Girl and Michael C Hall as Newton in Lazarus. Photo: Jan V
Lazarus is inspired by the book and film The Man Who Fell to Earth, in which David Bowie took the...
Reece Shearsmith and Ken Stott in The Dresser photo: hugh glendinning
In this fine production, directed by Sean Foley, the celebrated roles of Shakespearean actor-...
Deny, Deny, Deny at Park Theatre. Photo: Darren Bell.
It’s 2026, and a far-fetched time when Britain has not one but two world-class women sprinters, and...
Niv Petel in Knock Knock. Photo: Chris Gardner
Israeli Niv Petel's one-man, gender blind role, mixes mime and movement, with monologue, and...