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2017 - This year's new releases

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Back in time for Christmas 2017 – Paddington
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This year’s new releases include a bumper number of remakes, rereleases and sequels – including updates of Blade Runner and Trainspotting, and back in time for Christmas 2017 – Paddington!. Read Dan Carrier's highlights preview.
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The Lego Batman Movie 3D is released in February. See what Dan Carrier has to say about it, and a host of other new releases from T2: Trainspotting to Paddington 2
The simple fact is Martin Scorsese’s extraordinary film is beautiful to look at, amazing in terms of the performances, and has a story that should be enticing. But...
In an age of dedicated film channels, if you look carefully there are some gems hidden away on the free channels. Here are a few don’t-miss film offerings on terrestrial telly, including Alan Bennett's Lady in the Van.

A feast of Christmas films

Dallas Buyers Club
Dallas Buyers Club - Christmas Day
22 December, 2016

WE live in an age of dedicated film channels and online movie orders, so gone are the days when the annual Christmas James Bond movie was something that was looked forward to with great anticipatio

This is a horror film of a documentary, brought to us by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame. Spurlock tackles the inside story of the rat: the creature that strikes fear into humans on an unconscious level.