Your Shout - It’s smarter to show a bit of respect

Published: 18 August, 2011

WHAT a joker Samir Nasri is – I saw that he tweeted this week that Arsenal fans were “disrespectful” after he was made the subject of abusive chants at Newcastle on Saturday.

The wantaway midfielder was too ill to play in the Premier League opener, but thankfully not so under the weather that he couldn’t pick up his smart phone to let us know that he was “still an Arsenal player”.

Well Samir, the truth is most of the supporters would rather that you weren’t playing for us.

In fact the sooner Arsene Wenger cashes in on you the better.

Nasri has made it blatantly clear he wants to leave Arsenal, turning down what was no doubt a lucrative offer to keep him at the club in the process, and yet has the audacity to complain when the supports turn against him.

I’d suggest that your next tweet should read: “Today the Arsenal fans showed me the same commitment and respect that I showed the club.”

As sad as it was to see Cesc Fabregas leave over the weekend, at least his motivation behind a move was honourable.

Yes it stung a bit when it was revealed that our captain was willing to pay £5million out of his own pocket to seal the move to Barcelona, but I guess that’s just a sign of how much he wanted to go back home.