Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition

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Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition


Fri, 25/11/2016 - 11:33


Above: La Jardin de la Mignarde by Nick Verall
Above: La Jardin de la Mignarde by Nick Verall
25 November, 2016

THE Royal Institute of Oil Painters  is the only national art society devoted exclusively to oil painting. Their annual exhibition, which opens at Mall Galleries next week, gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach to this highly technical media through to more innovative uses of material, style and content.

The ability of oil to capture the subtleties of winter sunlight is used to the full by a number of artists. Brian Ryder uses thin washes applied with sweeping gestures to conjure the pink skies of early evening; Haidee-Jo Summers’ more impressionistic style recreates the points of light and shadows cast by the sun, low in the sky, over a snow-covered allotment; Tom Wanless stylises the outlines of leafless trees in such a way that the sky and the snow covered land merge and the horizon is hard to pin down; on first glance you could believe Robin Mackervoy’s advancing storm clouds were produced by Constable until you see the silhouettes of cranes giving away the contemporary urban setting; Nick Verall’s delicate application of oil paint allows his La Jardin de la Mignarde to glow with an eerie, magical light, the setting sun seems trapped in the pools of water guarded by statues appearing and disappearing into the gloaming.

Light and colour also radiate from Peter Graham’s vibrantly coloured still lifes, you can almost breathe in the heady scents of citrus and roses. Malcolm Ashman’s landscapes allow you to feel the sun on your face and hear birdsong all around you.

Alongside the work of elected members of the Institution will be works selected from open submission. These include the winners of various prizes, including those to encourage young oil painters; the £2,000 Phyllis Roberts Award for painters aged 35 or under working in oils and the £1,000 First prize for the Winsor & Newton Oil Painters Award, again for artists aged 35 or under. There is a chance to vote for your favourite work for The Stanley Grimm Prize, two awards of £700, given to the painters whose work receive the most votes from visitors to the exhibition.

• Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition runs from November 30 to December 11 at Mall Galleries, The Mall, SW1. Open daily 10am-5pm (1pm on final day),

• Admission £3, £2.50 concessions, 50 per cent off with National Art Pass, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, under 18s.
Free entry for two when you bring this article with you


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