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Sid at the Arts Theatre


Thu, 22/09/2016 - 15:22


Dario Coates in Sid photo: roy tan
Dario Coates in Sid. Photo: Roy Tan
22 September, 2016

THE Arts Theatre has fully embraced punk rock, not only has Green Day’s American Idiot been packing out the theatre but now a late-night addition (the show begins at 10pm) to the programme explores the anguish of adolescence and hero worship.

Dario Coates – best known for playing Alex Neeson in Coronation Street – gives a captivating performance. For 50 minutes he bares all in a soliloquy where you are invited into the alienating world of a punk-obsessed, northern teen. This year marks the 40-year anniversary of the birth of punk and it is no surprise that playwright Leon Fleming felt his 15-minute short Ode to Sid had a longer story worth exploring. Sid was then born.

A truly emotive performance, every single member of the audience relates to the young loner in some way. 

Dario darts around the stage manically conveying Craig’s unrest and a whole cast of other characters, unabashedly connecting with varying members of the audience.

The show gains momentum culminating with a powerful spectacle, all set within a simple yet realistic backdrop of a troubled teenager’s bedroom.

As he destroys this space, the stench of body odour and that instantly recognisable smell of teenage boy’s deodorant come together to heighten a truly sensory experience.

A play that must be seen.

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