Richard III at Lion And Unicorn Theatre

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Richard III at Lion And Unicorn Theatre


Fri, 20/05/2016 - 15:09


Emily Carding in Richard III
Emily Carding in Richard III
19 May, 2016

THIS fascinating adaptation of one of the most iconic plays by William Shakespeare excellently depicts the tragic and murderous rise and fall of Richard III on his way to sitting on the English throne. 

This production from Brite Theatre has a cast consisting solely of Emily Carding, who is brilliant as the doomed king, murdering his way to the throne before meeting his end.

Selling itself with the legend “What role will YOU play?”, audience participation is the order of the day. 

With modest staging – just the audience/cast sat in a circle and allocated the other roles from the play – Carding perfectly delivers several monologues, while engaging the relevant characters from the audience as and when they are needed.

Carding manages to combine the tragic nature of the story with humour, including slapping stickers reading “DEAD” on the members of the audience when their characters meet an untimely demise.

Despite moments of shyness from the audience-cast, the rendition is succinct and, at only an hour in length, is superbly paced and produces an informed and complex reimagining without dragging on and allowing the novelty of the audience involvement to wear off.

Tremendously gripping and hysterically funny, Carding cannot be praised enough for her interpretation, which culminates in a magnificent delivery of the classic line: “A horse... a horse... My Kingdom for a horse!”



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