Ross lays opera open to question

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Ross lays opera open to question


Thu, 14/04/2016 - 13:56


MUSICIAN/lecturer Ross Alley
14 April, 2016

MUSICIAN/lecturer Ross Alley (pictured, above) is exploring how music conveys emotions in operatic structures each Friday afternoon for the next five weeks at Wac Arts Centre, Haverstock Hill.

“Opera unites words, music and staging into one glorious, incomparable soufflé,” says Alley, a regular lecturer at the Royal Opera House. 

“Its recipe for success depends not only on the quality of its ingredi­ents but on the skill of its preparation. 

“What is the secret of its aroma? Why is opera revered as one of the highest art forms ever conceived and achieved by mankind?”

Ross Alley is seeking to provide the answers in his lecture series: April 15, Opera as Expression; April 22, The Aria; April 29, The Duet; May 6, The Ensemble; May 13, The Chorus.

Money raised will support music training at Wac Arts. See Friday listings

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