Review: Super Furry Animals @ Roundhouse

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Review: Super Furry Animals @ Roundhouse


Thu, 15/12/2016 - 12:38


Review: Super Furry Animals @ Roundhouse
15 December, 2016

AS promised by enigmatic frontman Gruff Rhys when he spoke to Grooves last week, Super Furry Animals brought a giant bear with them for their two nights at the Roundhouse.

Looming over the stage, the inflatable mascot went largely unnoticed last Thursday, amid a top-notch couple of hours to mark 20 years since the Fuzzy Logic and Radiator albums showcased the Furries’ nascent talents. On an evening thick with nostalgia and dry ice, they reminded us of the eloquent song-writing skills that few of their mid-90s contemporaries could match.

Wearing white overalls, ready to put a shift in, they got the audience bouncing with frantic performances of God! Show Me Magic, She’s Got Spies and Play It Cool. Demons and If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You added a serene gloss to the performance, as did a brief interval dedicated “a minute for Howard [Marks]”.

The slick switches of tempo were assisted by a blitz of bleeps and swirls sent across a crowd of 40/50-something devotees grateful to bear witness to such a celebration. As the mellifluous Gruff said throughout the set: “Thank you very much.”

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