News: The Crimea's farewell, Farah Fridays at Camden Beach and Explode The TV

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News: The Crimea's farewell, Farah Fridays at Camden Beach and Explode The TV


Thu, 01/08/2013 - 10:48


(Photo: Andrei Grosu)
The Crimea at the Jazz Cafe (Photo: Andrei Grosu)
01 August, 2013

IF ever there was a need for the Jazz Cafe to reinstate the “STFU while the music’s playing” plea on its central pillar, Tuesday was it.

The venue was full to capacity as The Crimea played their last ever gig – launching third album Square Moon – before magnetic frontman Davey MacManus heads to South Africa to set up an orphanage.

The crowd were devoted, but the chattering over MacManus’s soft words, was out of control.

Talking is inevitable but why waste money on tickets if you’re just going to shout over the entire performance?

Well-known fact I only learned last week: The Crimea’s frontman Davey MacManus is Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s brother – I scanned the crowd but failed to spot her.

Wara – young musical revolutionaries of the Latin scene – launch debut album Leave to Remain, on Movimientos Records, at the Jazz Cafe next Wednesday (August 7).

Camden beach has opened and we have August ahead for some precious tanning time on the golden sand laid out on the Roundhouse terrace. And if that’s not enough, Farah Fridays launches this week, giving a platform to young emerging artists. This Friday features Cynikal, Joel Baker, JJ Soulx and Oddi. Free entry.

Explode the TV play The Islington (August 5). For our full listings, visit our On Your Doorstep page here.

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