New residencies at Lauderdale House

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New residencies at Lauderdale House


Thu, 02/02/2017 - 14:02


The Meritus Collective
The Meritus Collective
02 February, 2017

NEW musical lunchtime ventures are being launched by Lauderdale House, Highgate, as part of the festival marking completion of its extensive renovation programme over the past two years.

“Two new residencies are being put in place to create long relationships between Lauderdale and the musicians,” says Katherine Ives, director of Lauderdale House. “We hope the residencies will enable the musicians to focus on developing their repertoire and practice and help Lauderdale to expand its programme of musical activities.”

The two new ventures aim to provide chamber music and piano recitals at regular free lunchtime concerts.

For some time, Lauderdale has had a long-term relationship with the Billroth Quartet and this now being replaced by recitals given by the Moeran Quartet and the six-piece Meritus Collective.

The Morean Quartet is named after underrated English composer Ernest John Moeran (1894-1950), a student of John Ireland and great friend of Peter Warlock. 

The Meritus Collective comprises musicians playing the flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano.

“It’s named after the Felix Mendelssohn’s pseudonym dreamt up for the composer by Robert Schumann.” says Katherine. “Roughly translated, it means ‘happy through merit’ – an inspiring and effective byword for this young and dynamic group of musicians.”

The two chamber groups are making their debut at Lauderdale House next Tuesday lunchtime.

Lauderdale’s piano residency is being taken on by Stephen Hose widely known for working predominantly as musical director for small-scale opera companies, notably OperaUK and Merry Opera. But he’s also worked extensively in TV programmes including BBC2’s The Choir; Channel 4’s Titanic; and The People’s Passion featuring Jessye Norman and Sir Thomas Allen.

By refocusing on solo piano performance, Hose will be aiming to develop his repertoire by playing regularly at Lauderdale’s free lunchtime concerts.

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