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Thu, 24/09/2015 - 13:30


Celebrating ‘true social and artistic diversity’ – Members of the Mixed Up Chor
Celebrating ‘true social and artistic diversity’ – Members of the Mixed Up Choir. Photo: N Jamal Design
24 September, 2015

PEOPLE of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds are being invited to the join the non-auditioned, 80-strong Mixed Up Chorus based in Kentish Town.

The choir was formed by intercultural charity Three Faiths Forum in 2013 to bring together people from different cultural backgrounds through their love of music. Choir members range in age from 9 to 78, drawn from Humanist, Pagan, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and non-religious backgrounds.

Contemporary and traditional music from all cultures and backgrounds are sung in different languages.

Pieces include Norwegian wedding song Bruremarsj; Hebrew peace song Od Yavo shalom Aleinu; and Sufi melody Adinu sung in Arabic.

“We’re a choir that really celebrates the true social and artistic diversity of our great city,” says choir director Jeremy Haneman.

• Free recruitment sessions are being held at Star House, 104 Grafton Road, NW5, on Tuesday, September 29 and the following Tuesday, October 6. Session start-time time: 6.45pm

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