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Jazz it up US style


Thu, 05/01/2017 - 15:03


Wadada Leo Smith. photo: tom beetz
Wadada Leo Smith. PHOTO: TOM BEETZ
05 January, 2017

CUTTING-edge American jazz is at the Wigmore Hall tomorrow evening (Friday) when avant-garde trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and pianist Vijay Iyer play items from their new album A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke.

It’s inter-generational jazz, Smith harking back to the 1950s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians in Chicago and Vijay Iyer being very much a product of more recent New York jazz leanings.

Centrepiece of their collaboration is a seven-part suite, nearly an hour in length, Iyer often switching betweern acoustic piano and electronica, Smith playing incantatory, high register phrases or mixed-tempo riffing.

Closing number is a Smith composition called Marian Anderson, dedicted to the African-American contralto who broke the colour bar at the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 1955.

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