Chop a Round! Nashville music pioneers among performers at In The Round shows

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Chop a Round! Nashville music pioneers among performers at In The Round shows


Mon, 16/01/2017 - 12:15


Lambchop. Picture: Elise Tyler
Lambchop. Picture: Elise Tyler
16 January, 2017

THE Roundhouse’s celebrated In The Round series of intimate performances returns at the end of the month with a line-up of intriguing artists. This year’s guest performers include Nashville music pioneers Lambchop, Norwegian experimental jazz band Jaga Jazzist, singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan, pioneering British grime MC/rapper Ghetts, one of Africa’s most iconic collectives Orchestra Baobab, the innovative Susheela Raman performing with Ghost Gamelan Orchestra, a co-headline set and collaboration from Martha Wainwright and Ed Harcourt, godfathers of alternative cabaret The Tiger Lillies, and the legendary Julian Cope. Here’s a little more about what to expect …  

LAMBCHOP – January 26, 7pm, from £17.50

Nashville music pioneers Lambchop have evolved since breakthrough album Nixon in 2000. In November 2016, Lambchop released their 12th studio album, Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still), marking a significant change in direction, setting aside what the band has focused on over the past 30 years and instead exploring modern-day R&B, soul, hip-hop and early electronica amongst other genres. Expect nuanced arrangements and quietly powerful songs with cleverly skewed vocals.

JAGA JAZZIST – January 27, 7pm, from £15

One of the most celebrated and influential Norwegian post-jazz bands, Jaga Jazzist are part jazz ensemble, part post-rock outfit and part electronica pioneers – prepare to be pleasantly confused.

For this very special performance and Roundhouse debut, expect to hear music from their recent electronica-heavy, Ninja Tune Records release, Starfire, alongside hits from their illustrious back catalogue.

LISA HANNIGAN – January 28, 7pm, from £15

Long-time Damien Rice collaborator Lisa Hannigan has long since set herself apart as a solo artist. Her solo debut, Sea Sew, in 2008 was nominated for a Choice award in Ireland and a Mercury Music Prize in the UK. Passenger, released in 2011, explored deeper, darker emotions. Hannigan has also contributed a haunting cover of Danny Boy to the TV series Fargo, as well as vocals for Steve Price’s scores for Gravity and Fury. Third album, At Swim, is out now.

GHETTS performing Ghetto Gospel in full with live band – January 30, 7pm, from £12.50

In 2005, Ghetto, a stormy young artist from east London, arrived on the grime scene with explosive, hard-hitting lyrics and fast, intricate rhymes. Originally a member of grime collective NASTY Crew, he soon left to create his own collective, The Movement, where he worked alongside Devlin, Wretch 32 and Schorcher. Now known as Ghetts, he is regarded as a pioneer of the grime movement. For this special show, Ghetts marks the 10th anniversary of his second mixtape, 2007’s Ghetto Gospel, by performing it in full for the very first time with a full live band.

ORCHESTRA BAOBAB – January 31, 7pm, from £15

One of Africa’s great iconic bands, Orchestra Baobab create some of the world’s most sublime and truly distinctive music. Formed in 1970, taking their name from the Dakar nightclub where they were resident, they fused Afro-Cuban rhythm and Portuguese Creole melody with Congolese rumba, high life and local styles, starting a musical renaissance in their native Senegal. The band released dozens of recordings before disbanding in the mid-80s, but it was their neglected 1982 album, Ken Dou Werente, that became a cult-classic. The band reformed in 2001 and are now back in the studio recording their fourth album, set for release in spring 2017.


Londoner Susheela Raman has a gift for finding amazing collaborators and for bridging musical worlds. Her Ghost Gamelan Orchestra brings together gamelan composer Gondrong Gunarto and three other crack multi-instrumentalists from the Javanese cultural hub of Surakarta, alongside top London talent: percussion maestros Aref Durvesh and Pirashanna Theverajah, plus virtuoso cellist and keyboardist Danny Keane, and on bass and bassoon Jerry Meehan. Expect a varied show including tracks from Raman’s EP celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Revolver album.

MARTHA WAINWRIGHT & ED HARCOURT – February 2, 7pm, from £15

This is a beguiling double-bill featuring two extraordinarily gifted singer-songwriters, Martha Wainwright and Ed Harcourt. Each will perform a solo set before coming together for a one-off collaboration. Wainwright will perform material from her new release, Goodnight City, while Harcourt will play a stripped-back set of songs from his critically celebrated release, Furnaces.

THE TIGER LILLIES – February 3, 7pm, from £15

The Tiger Lillies produce a mixture of pre-war Berlin cabaret, anarchic opera and gypsy music, echoing the voices of Bertolt Brecht and Jacques Brel. Their songs cover all the dark aspects of life, from prostitution and drug addiction to violence and despair, infused with a touch of twisted humour and sharp irony. For this show, the Grammy-nominated band will be performing from their new album of band songs, Cold Night in Soho.

JULIAN COPE – February 4, 7pm, from £25

Julian Cope has come to be defined as much by his extra-musical pursuits as his musical output. He first came to prominence in 1978 as the frontman of brassy post-punk outfit Teardrop Explodes, which notoriously ended after four years, in part, to Cope’s well-documented love of acid. Cope embarked on a solo career producing over 20 recordings. Expect an eclectic set of post-punk, psychedelic rock and highlights from Cope’s long musical career.

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