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Thu, 09/05/2013 - 10:32


Burning Beaches’ Dave Kennedy and Sam McCarthy (right)
Burning Beaches’ Dave Kennedy and Sam McCarthy (right)
09 May, 2013

There's a new band in town, so new that their first London gig was less than a month ago yet they’re already causing excitement among those who have stumbled across their thrilling riffs and blues-rock vibes.

While Burning Beaches have yet to release an official single, and only have a couple of tracks available on Soundcloud, we’re venturing to say they could quite possibly be the next Camden supergroup – no pressure, guys.

Formed from the remnants of other Camden bands (The Holloways, Gilkicker, Planes), Burning Beaches’ few tracks have the promising hallmarks of a great rock band.

So much so that they have come to the attention of entertainment website www.list.co.uk and will play the May 30 launch of List Live’s monthly series of gigs at The Monarch, featuring some of the best up-and-coming and established musical talent from across the city and beyond. list.co.uk have teamed up with All Night Long promotions, veterans in picking out the best new talent in their Breakout nights, along with Music Week magazine.

To add drama to List Live’s launch, the stage will be transformed into a boxing ring where Khushi, Velvet Stream and The Recks will play alongside Burning Beaches.

Speaking from his Kentish Town home, Burning Beaches frontman Sam McCarthy, well known in his own right as a singer-songwriter, said: “The bands playing are meant to be really good and it’s good for us to be involved. It will be nice to be part of the first London edition of the magazine.”
Originally from Portsmouth, Sam, who has known he has wanted to be a musician ever since he heard his father’s Beatles, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin records, was drawn to Camden.

He said: “This is where you come for bands. I used to come up with my family when I was a younger teenager and be in awe of it. As soon as I was old enough I moved here.”

Shedding some light on the role Camden plays as a breeding ground for new bands, he said: “Bands help each other out when they’re putting on events together. It’s a good platform. You can easily make friends in a pub and you meet people in the pub, the Camden Crawl – the networking is unbelievable.

“There’s a real band community here. I recommend it to any young band. It can lead them on to a level, and if your band doesn’t work you can join others.”

Sam has played in a number of bands, as well as carving out a solo career, and got to known The Holloways’ Dave Danger when supporting them with his band Gilkicker.

It was partly his pop song writing sideline (he is signed to Metropolis to write pop for well-known artists) which clarified his desire to play rock, although he maintains he has a respect for pop stemming from his mother’s side: “I’m writing pop songs in the day but my love is rock. That’s why (Burning Beaches) started.

“Dave Danger was a good friend and he’s been in loads of bands.

“We were friends with bass player Dan Sayer, and we wanted to play the rock stuff. We were into The White Stripes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We were talking about it for ages, and thought it would be a good line-up, so we started rehearsing in Camden underneath the railway bridge at Scar Studios. They’re going to close too. Soon there’s going to be nowhere left for bands to go.”

All that was missing was a lead guitarist and, true to the promise of the Camden grapevine, the band soon heard of Dubliner Dave Kennedy, who had also moved here to find a band of his own.

Sam said: “Then our line-up was complete, so we locked ourselves away for a few months. We started playing recordings on our phones to friends and the reception was really good, so we thought this could go somewhere.

“We made some demo’s and played a warm-up gig in Portsmouth and then The Monarch three weeks ago.

“We found our sound when we were rehearsing, it took us a few months to find.”

Burning Beaches’ first two songs, Marilyn and Wo’man – get the So I Married An Axe Murderer reference? – are available on Soundcloud and Sam says there’s more to come: “We’re going back into the studio next week to do a song we’re really excited about. It’s produced by Tristan Ivemy, called Light Up, and we feel it’s our strongest song.”

Find out more about Burning Beaches, on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/burningbeaches

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