Bandstand concerts are back

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Bandstand concerts are back


Tue, 03/06/2014 - 11:30


The Steel All Stars play Golders Hill Park on Sunday June 29, 3pm
The Steel All Stars play Golders Hill Park on Sunday June 29, 3pm
03 June, 2014

BANDSTAND  concerts are under way again at Parliament Hill and Golders Hill Park this weekend running through till Monday, August 25.

Sadly, that’s not the case at Royal Parks bandstands in Regent’s Park, Kensington Gardens and St James’s Park. Regular summer concerts at these band­stands were abandoned three years ago so that funds could be used for other purposes.

So thanks must be extended to the City of London for maintaining the great tradition of bandstand concerts at Hampstead Heath venues.

Overall, more than three dozen concerts will have been performed at the Parliament Hill and Golders Hill Park bandstands by the end of the summer.

Most are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with some interesting concerts, worth keeping an eye out for, taking place on the occasional Thursday or Friday evening.

Time was when brass bands ruled the bandstand roost. Not any more, that’s for sure. Brass bands are down to less than half-a-dozen so you’ll have to be quick to catch this great English music tradition.

It’s quite an eclectic bunch outside brass bands: jazz, blues, rock, folk, world music and pop are well represented as are Latin, Cuban, Jewish Italian, Russian, classical and light music.

Notable concerts at Parliament Hill include: 

• Chico Chica world jazz on June 29;

• Willie Garnett Big Swing Band on July 4; 

• Shir displaying their Jewish music virtuosity on July 20.

Concerts to catch at Golders Hill Park include:

• Andy Cooper’s Top Six playing Dixieland jazz on June 26; 

• John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus on July 3; 

• the Claudio Allodi Orchestra on August 10.

Bandstand concert details are to be found in the free Hampstead Heath Events Diary 2014-15 available at information kiosks etc.



bands at golders hill park

there is no information regarding any music being played at the park on sundays. is it weather dependant therefore go on the day and hope? We coinsided with two occasions when bands played last year.

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