Dita, sunglasses of the celebrities

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Dita, sunglasses of the celebrities


Mon, 20/02/2017 - 17:53


Dita, sunglasses of the celebrities
16 February, 2017

Celebrities use sunglasses as a fashion accessory that accompanies them on the street and at events indoors. 


Sunglasses have the primary function of protecting your eyes from the solar radiation that can cause short-term damage, such as keratitis and photo conjunctivitis, as well as long-term damage such as cataracts, muscle degeneration and tumors. Eye damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun is cumulative, as is the case with the skin, and that’s the reason why is so important to use sunglasses that contain 100% protection against ultraviolet rays to stop the passage of solar radiation, and preserve the health of your eyes. 


However, in addition to fulfilling their protection role, the glasses have become a fashion accessory that is often used all year round because they complete your styling, bring out your personality, and also differentiate you from the rest. They have also become an icon for celebrities, who take advantage of luxurious brands like Dita sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun, the public and mark their own trends. Among its most used models we find the aviator style and XXL glasses or maxi glasses. The sunglasses have become a complement that they use both on the street and in closed events, for example in fashion weeks, where they hide their flashes from behind large dark sunglasses, such as Anna Wintour and Karl Legerfeld. 


The protagonism of the sunglasses is such that they always appear on the catwalks during the fashion shows, giving us an idea of ​​what will be the inspiration of fashion houses for when they leave out the season. 


At this time, luxury eyewear is an invaluable accessory in style and elegance, plus this type of models tends to be produced in small quantities, to emphasize its exclusivity. For the sunglasses, to be considered luxury must have a complex mix of elegance, trend, fashion, design, materials, and also have that exceptional value that take it away from the everyday wearing. However, nowadays this type of glasses, and many others, can be purchased more easily thanks to the digital era, where authorized dealers like Onlylens.com, has more than 25,000 models of the main brands. 


Usually on luxury models we find pearl mounts, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, gold baths, or even porcelain details using handcrafted techniques. For example, we have the limited edition of Dita Legends, titanium-rimmed and plated in 24-carat white gold. 


For this summer, the sunglasses are assault with color, animal print, floral, geometric prints, and also rhinestones make a great comeback. Mirror lenses, and daring colors. There are risky and somewhat extravagant models that will coexist with the classics, such as aviator glasses, Clubmaster and Wayfarer Ray-Ban. There will also be unexpected returns such as the screen glass glasses that were very successful in the years 80-90. Also, oversized sunglasses are the key, as this year the sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes and practically your whole face. With regard to the colors, we will find gold, glitter, and technicolor frames that will go from the most powerful red, to yellow or even green.

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