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News: Still The Enemy Within


Thu, 28/11/2013 - 11:49


Still The Enemy Within focuses on the experiences of the rank-and-file
'Still The Enemy Within' focuses on the experiences of the rank-and-file
28 November, 2013

DARTMOUTH Films head Christo Hird is the executive producer on a new documentary that tells the story of the 1984 miners’ strike.

Called Still The Enemy Within, it focuses not on the politicians or union leaders, but the effect the dispute had on the lives of miners and their families.

Christo tells me he was impressed by the fresh approach to the strike by journalist Mike Simons and film company Bad Bonobo.

He said: “There have been films about the strike but this is an attempt to tell the story of what happened from the miners themselves, using their testimony and footage that has never been seen before.

“This will be an important historical document. They are telling what it was like to actually be in the middle of the strike. What is interesting is that although on one level the strike was defeated, many of those involved do not see it that way: they saw the power of joining together and standing together.”

The film has interviews with Yorkshire and Scottish miners, but the makers hope to raise money through crowd funding to include Welsh and Kent miners.

It has the support of legendary film director Ken Loach. He said: “The mainstream media didn’t tell the truth about the miners’ strike when it happened. And the same lies are still being told. It’s therefore important that we tell this story. The film should be made.”

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