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Recount Me Always Anew - Geddes Gallery


Fri, 22/01/2016 - 12:59


Recount Me Always Anew - Geddes Gallery
Recount Me Always Anew, at Geddes Gallery on Caledonian Road on February 6 and 7, will recreate a house lived in by a couple in a book by Cally author Aleksandra Rychlicka
21 January, 2016

THE latest exhibition to fill the former KC Continental deli on Caledonian Road is an extraordinary mix of fiction, improv’ and interpretation, and features a rather tantalising “secret writers’ room”.

Recount Me Always Anew takes Cally author Aleksandra Rychlicka’s novel Opowiadaj mnie zawsze od nowa (2015) as a starting point. The story recounts a few days in the awkward relationship between Ida and Jan. The novel is written in Rychlicka’s mother tongue – Polish – and curator Eleanor Wemyss plans to translate sections of the book through the senses. She will be recreating the house Jan lives in, from the smell of damp and cigarette smoke to the cutlery in the drawers and junk piled on shelves. 

“It’s my interpretation of the book,” she said. “A recreation of the smells and visuals rather than a literal translation so that those who are not Polish can experience the novel.” 

Both Wemyss and Rychlicka have worked closely with four actors who will be playing the pair, one an actual married couple, the other complete strangers. 

“We’ve all been sitting down for hours taking apart the characters,” said Eleanor.

“We created a few lines for certain situations but, other than that, they will be improvising. It will be characters in situ. Visitors will be invading someone’s space who clearly doesn’t want you there, and walking into a very personal situation.” 

Wemyss is adamant that Recount Me Always Anew isn’t theatre but art. The show is her latest collaboration with different industries – this time it’s literature but she has previously worked with an architect and an engineer.

And, finally, that secret room – Polish delicacies will be on offer in the former shop to passing trade. Customers will receive a clue that leads to a hidden room and, Eleanor promises, a vital element of the story.

• Recount Me Always Anew runs is at Geddes Gallery, 26 Caledonian Road, on February 6 and 7, 12-6pm

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