Peter Pan at Mayhem Theatre

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Peter Pan at Mayhem Theatre


Fri, 19/12/2014 - 16:11


Flying tonight! Stuart James in Peter Pan
Flying tonight! Stuart James in Peter Pan
18 December, 2014

PETER Pan returns to its Bloomsbury roots in the Mayhem Theatre’s faithful adaptation of JM Barrie's classic children’s tale.

Tagged a “Musical Adventure”, it is woven together by a series of easy on the ear but never mawkish songs penned by award-winning duo George Stiles and Anthony Drew and backed by a live orchestra.

Children will be thrilled by the flying Peter Pan, Tinker Bell represented by three twinkling fairies and a comically villainous Captain Hook.

But it all begins in the home of the Darling family in Great Ormond Street, Bloomsbury, from where Wendy, John and Michael fly to Neverland with Peter Pan – “straight to the right and straight on till morning”. 

Barrie, by all accounts a buttoned-up Edwardian straining to escape the social constraints of the day, certainly knew how to excite a child’s imagination with his fabled land peopled by feral children, Indians, mermaids and pirates.

Director Yojiro Ichkawa manages to pull the somewhat cumbersome plot together, helped in no small measure by the 35-strong cast, who enthusiastically act, sing and dance their way through the two-and-a-half-hour production.

Stuart James shines as the bombastic Peter Pan, as does Abbie Minnock as Wendy. 

But it is Ben Z Fuiava’s Captain Hook who steals the show as he must – a self-obsessed yet charismatic fop with some of the best lines in the show. 


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