Madame Bovary at Hope Theatre

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Madame Bovary at Hope Theatre


Mon, 11/08/2014 - 15:06


Kevin James with Sarah Lawrie in Madame Bovary
Kevin James with Sarah Lawrie in Madame Bovary
11 August, 2014

THIS energetic, sharp production is a new, witty telling of Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, with the action shifting convincingly from comedy to action to tragedy. Attention is held throughout, as the four actors display remarkable physical stamina and versatility. 

Emma Bovary, played with great charisma by Holloway resident Sarah Lawrie, is full of romantic hope when she marries doctor Charles Bovary – but married life soon proves tedious.

She embarks on affairs with the charming Rodolphe (Andrew P Stephen) and the earnest Leon (Rob Castell), and lives beyond her means to emulate a more romantic and glamorous lifestyle.

Charles Bovary (Kevin James), traditionally seen as the boring husband, is portrayed as sympathetic and complex, devoted to Emma and baffled by her distress. 

The three male actors also fill minor roles – a switch from emotional human to farm animal is made with aplomb.

Madame Bovary is part of the Hopefull Repertory Season of four plays at the Hope Theatre.

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