Cally’s street legs are standing up for cyclists

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Cally’s street legs are standing up for cyclists


Mon, 08/08/2016 - 13:16


The ‘Cally Cyclegs’ bike stands in Caledonian Road that are available for cyclis
The ‘Cally Cyclegs’ bike stands in Caledonian Road that are available for cyclists to use
05 August, 2016

MOST people are extra vigilant when locking up their bikes, but now cyclists in Caledonian Road can keep their eyes out for 16 curious new bicycle stands.

People can now fix their bikes to a Cabriole table leg, fluted chair leg or a Greyhound’s leg. 

The stands, known as The Cally Cyclegs, were commissioned by Islington Council and TfL as part of a public art project on Caledonian Road.  

The designs, by architecture firm The Klassnik Corporation, were inspired by objects found in the area and the street’s history as a main thoroughfare for drovers in the 19th century travelling with livestock to the city. 

Klassnik held public consultations on the designs and placement last year. It was through these conversations that designer Tomas Klassnik could gauge just where to place the extra stands.

“It was important that the stands weren’t just about aesthetics but pieces of practical equipment,” he said. “Part of the concept was that it sat within existing stands in the street until you spot something special, a surprise mutation, within one.” 

You can find the stands running from La Café Delight at number 377 Caledonian Road to Iceland at number 259.

The process was a combination of traditional foundry cast-iron craftsmanship and advanced ­digital fabrication techniques. 

“The chair legs were cast from actual pieces found in the area,” said Tomas. “The dog leg was 3D-modelled and printed, carved out of foam and then cast.”

Tomas drew a comparison between the classical Cabriole design, whose original shape would include mammal’s paw shapes on each leg – effectively part-furniture, part-animaal – and these chimeric cycle stands. 

Tomas was so taken from his time spent on the street that he is hoping to relocate his practise from Whitechapel to The Cally and, as a keen cyclist, is able to make use his own designs each morning. 

A final three stands from the collection are still to be installed outside of the Caledonian Road and Barnsbury Overground ­station. 


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