Widows and Orphans. By Michael Arditti

Michael Arditti loves to be beside the seaside. So much so, he tells Dan Carrier, that his new novel – about a struggling local newspaper – is set there.

Event Title eg: Life of PI
This year’s Lock Tavern festival, over the Easter weekend (April 2-5), is sure to be a popular affair, and one in which visitors turn up, embed themselves and stay for the entire day – or four.
Is Cio-Cio-San really the fragile young innocent commonly presented in productions of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. At the Royal Opera House from March 28th.
I have to say Kenneth Branagh has taken the traditional tale and made a hugely watchable film for the Easter holiday crowd.
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is presenting an exhibition of works by Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros – Marco Castillo and Dagoberto Rodríguez.
Andy’s appeal is all down to the atmosphere: decent Greek food and a laid-back, friendly welcome...
In the 1960s, Stevie Smith had a late flowering of acclaim among the mini-skirted young with our faith in the Revolution of “love and peace, man!”
From 1891 to his death, he bought about 12,000 pictures, among them 1,500 Renoirs, 1,000 Monets, 800 Pissarros, 400 Degas and 400 Sisleys and more...
It is 25 years since Jazz Cafe founder John Dabner moved his venue to Camden Town, thus beginning a quarter of a century of legendary jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop and reggae shows on an island in Parkway.
Gerald Isaaman reviews Alastair Campbell’s study of success.
Piers Plowright finds the reason for rhyme in India Russell’s sharply observed poetry collection.