Corbyn and Farage. Order, Order! The Rise and Fall of Political Drinking
Here’s a sobering thought: does the odd bevvy ease or hinder the strain of command? Peter Gruner goes in search of the answer in a new book that examines alcohol’s place in politics
Event Title eg: Life of PI
Artist Kelly Anne Davitt explains to Dan Carrier how combining Fine Art principles with Page 3 poses has resulted in an exhibition that explores the effects of soft porn.
Torture survivors from Iran, Cuba, Uganda, Burundi and Ethiopia will be bringing their stories to life through music and song at a special performance at the Roundhouse next month.
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Marriage of Figaro at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, part of this year’s Grimeborn Festival. Read Sarah Dawes's preview.
'As a starting point, it seems amazing that you could make a comedy based on a true story regarding the antics of two small-time arms dealers, writes Dan Carrier.
We're almost at the last furlong of this year’s Camden Fringe. There’s been ambitious productions, stripped-back solo shows, moments of tear-jerking drama, wry cynicism and irrepressible laughter. Here are the final week’s highlights:
The Office was a game-changing BBC 2 sitcom that has aged well: watch it again and it is as funny and touching and brilliant as it was when Ricky Gervais made it 15 years ago.
Festivals, museums, theatre...There's loads for you and the kids to enjoy this summer. Read our preview.
In a series of essays selected by Valerie Grove, Gerald Isaaman revels in the wit, wisdom – and grumbles – of JB Priestley.
This new offering from Spanish legend Pedro Almodóvar has been adapted from a trilogy of novels by Alice Munro. Read Dan Carrier's review of Julieta.