The Big Draw: As safe as the Bank of England (October 27-31, 10am-4.30pm)
With a Bank of England Big Draw, bats, owls and Rastamouse to entertain the kids, half-term promises to be a hoot
Event Title eg: Life of PI
You'll need a whole week’s worth of Halloween costumes to get through the many parties leading up to the spookiest night of the year.
Bang crash and wallop – this big-budget war film drags us through the mud, dirt smoke and dust of a ruined Nazi Germany in the dog days of the Second World War.
She may well have said “We are not amused” to the very idea of Scotland’s bid for independence. And she may have given Alex Salmond a proverbial slap in the face...
So there they were last Wednesday: one of Britain’s most popular and successful novelists and one of its most influential biographers; together in the same room in Keats Library
White gold and black gold –the two are diabolically linked, fuelling Britain’s industrial revolution off the back of its colonial wealth. But when Leicester blacksmith George Ashby arrived in...
You could cut glass on the gaunt cheekbones of Kristen Scott Thomas’s grief mask. In this retelling of Sophocles’s great tragedy Electra, the veteran actor prowls the stage, hollow-eyed, itching to avenge the...
Second time round, theatre director Fiona Shaw’s staging of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro with English National Opera is a great deal better than in its first 2011 outing.
The idealism of architecture clashes against the daily chore of life in the Barbican’s latest large scale survey exhibition. Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age presents more than 250 works, drenched in social history, narrating a century of changing skylines.
'To Cut a Long Story Short', Spandau Ballet had previously blitzed a path to originality with their kilts, jodhpurs and jackboots. A cool look in a Cold War age - copied in teenage bedrooms in small market towns and shown off in the club nights of London.
In a bizarre coincidence, an old friend stumbled into Herman Ze German as I sampled their sausage and schnitzel.