Food and Drink
Manna's dishes are adapted from traditional resipes from around the world

In the fickle world of restaurants, making it to your fifth birthday is something of an achievement – so for the people behind the Primrose Hill culinary landmark that is Manna, the five decades of serving up delicious grub is worthy of more than a waiter appearing with a surprise cake: they deserve a Blue Plaque.

Event Title eg: Life of PI
Celebrated for discovering and popularising the Beatles, the late Brian Epstein also has more than his share of detractors, often being criticised for mismanaging the Fab Four.
Six old university friends meet up to reminisce – among the gentle banter and nostalgic musings we gradually become aware that this disparate group connected by bonds of sexual preference but more importantly, friendship and loyalty, have one aspect in common – a night with Reg.
Charlestown dancing with a Scandinavian heart...the pick of this week's Camden Fringe shows
Robin Norton-Hale sets OperaUpClose’s version of Verdi’s La Traviata in the 1920s, with a piano trio (with clarinet and cello) on stage in lieu of an orchestra.
Following the great Tete à Tete opera festival in King’s Cross, the “alternative opera” bandwagon has moved east to the Arcola Theatre in Dalston. The theatre’s eighth Grimeborn Festival is now under way with 10 operas...
August has forever been called the silly season by newspapers, the hated holiday time when little of any significance happens resulting in unrevealing and truly odd stories.
During the summer break, the Bank of England Museum presents Making Money: Design your own banknote, a special event to entertain the whole family. This is just one of the many suggestions we have to make the most of the kids' school summer holidays
One of the forgotten histories of the First World War is also one of its most fascinating. It tells the story of 20,000 men who endured ridicule, persecution, imprison­ment, torture and even death sentences
Jimmy Browne’s life story is a million movies in one. A former minder for Amy Winehouse, he has been the good, the bad, the underprivileged, the elite, both serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and serving time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure
The opening shot of this intense, dark and thoroughly watchable thriller tells us that the film we about to watch takes place “10 years after the Collapse”. What exactly has collapsed is not explained, but it’s obvious civilisation as we know it no longer exists.