Powerful performances all round in Warehouse of Dreams

Less is more. Six actors, one set. Yet this outstanding play encapsulates the myriad assumptions and protocols, the statistics and reality of giving and receiving refugee aid.

Event Title eg: Life of PI
Royal Shakespeare Company artistic director Gregory Doran is bringing the Henry IV plays to the Barbican from this Saturday with Sir Antony Sher playing the star role of Falstaff.
Cary Churchill’s play is both a question and a warning. Although written before 9/11 and increased awareness, Far Away has lost none of its point.
Ruth Procter has a lot of decisions to make. The artist in residence at John Jones is preparing for her solo show in January.
Anselm Kiefer has a new show that’s more a powerful historical journey than a simple retrospective, says John Evans.
‘The house,’ says Margaret Forster, ‘has an immense influence on its inhabitants.’
Forget Michael Portillo. Andrew Martin’s your man when it comes to the golden age of rail travel, says Michael Williams.
As the festive frenzy starts to bite, a quick trip to Marylebone High Street offers a welcome diversion. Shopping here is a pleasure, not a chore.
Could there be a better icon for teenage women in the cinemas in recent years than Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss Everdeen?
James Brown departed this world on Christmas Day 2006, yet his legacy lives with us all on a daily basis.
This year’s Highgate International Music Festival is serving up a sumptuous feast of music later this month and into December.