Dan Carrier's review of Dad's Army

'In this film version of the hit series Dad’s Army, we are made to wait until the final credits before getting the chance to tap our feet to what is still the catchiest theme tune ever written for British TV', writes Dan Carrier.

Event Title eg: Life of PI
David Drake's history of the Nazi occupation of Paris still has the ability to shock, says Dan Carrier. Read Dan's review of Paris at War: 1939-44.
Dan Carrier reviews Trumbo. 'This biopic features a chain-smoking Bryan Cranston as Trumbo. It uses a thankfully simplistic approach to telling what is not a complicated story, and does so with plenty of humour.'
Anthony Gardner’s new novel, says Piers Plowright, is like Wodehouse crossed with Buchan.
'Suede have been incredibly busy since their 2013 comeback with acclaimed album Bloodsports. Now promoting their more indulgent concept album, Night Thoughts', writes Roisin Gadelrab.
Over the years the NME Awards have generated enough headlines to keep the music magazine in print for months to come. This year, the self-perpetuating rock ’n’ roll frenzy is not short of material. Roisin Gadelrab previews it just for you!
'There’s a huge amount of tomfoolery giving lots of visual fun. But you end up wondering whether so much endeavour might have better applied to another project', writes Sebastian Taylor.
With a background in the bar trade, Steve Wilmot and his wife Sital have now opened their own restaurant in Tufnell Park called Korova. The name translates as “cow” in Russian, evoking a previous incarnation of the dining room as a neighbourhood dairy...
Sigmund Freud, remains a great thinker still needed in a troubled world some 77 years after his death at the house in Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead, now the Freud Museum, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in July.
Anne, the Mother in this play, is losing her grip on things. After 25 years of marriage to Peter, the Father, life seems to be empty and she is failing to handle empty-nest syndrome after both son and daughter have moved out...
Leftfield Hollywood actress and rock ‘n’ roll firebrand Juliette Lewis returns to the UK for a live show at London’s Heaven. She brings her band, The Licks, to Heaven on Wednesday May 4th.